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Welcome to my research webpage, an easy access to some of my work-related documents.

Since november 2019, I am working as a post-doct at the University of Bologna within the DIAPASoN ERC project directed by Ugo Dal Lago. I am currently working on differential program semantics based on game models.

I did my PhD in the Plume team of the LIP laboratory at ENS of Lyon, in joint supervision with the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. I was supervised by Pierre Clairambault, Olivier Laurent and Glynn Winskel, working on concurrent games semantics for proofs and programs.

My main computer science interests are in logics and programming semantics, mostly through denotational models and games semantics. Yet I remain curious about certification, automata and graph theory.


Email: aurore \dot alcolei \at ens-lyon \dot org
[GPG public key], fingerprint: 480A 2FC0 D184 B2D7 3937 E65E 3326 6677 F97B 5D68.

DISI, Università degli Studi di Bologna
Mura Anteo Zamboni, 7
40127 Bologna (Italy)